Safari Web Site Validator

Safari Web Site Validator 1.3

Test W3C validation in Safari


  • Validates HTML for Safari
  • Simple to use


  • Doesn't offer explanations for problems

Not bad

W3C is a standard which ensures that every website measures up to a certain standard so that HTML displays correctly in all browsers.

Safari Web Site Validator opens a new window in Safari and sends the HTML or XHTML code of the web page you're viewing to W3C Markup Validation Service. W3C will then display any errors it detects in the HTML/XHTML code. This is useful for both programmers trying to publish a website correctly or those users who have had problems displaying a website and want to get to the root of the problem.

There are two scripts included in the folder. One script is named 'Safari Web Site Validator Go' and does the same thing as 'Safari Web Site Validator' except there isn't a dialog box when you launch it. This makes it slightly faster for those who have many pages that they want to validate.

Safari Web Site Validator is a very simple tool that will help developers and website users ensure that their websites display properly in Safari.

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Safari Web Site Validator


Safari Web Site Validator 1.3

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